Stacks: Apps and smart contracts on Bitcoin.
STX enable smart contracts and apps for Bitcoin and allows holders to earn BTC by 'Stacking'. Stacks are used as fuel for smart contract execution, transaction processing, and digital asset registrations on the Stacks 2.0 blockchain and was the first cryptocurrency to receive SEC qualification for a sale in the United States.
Trade Stacks tokens on:
Stacking: Hold STX, Earn BTC
Stacking is locking your STX temporarily to support the network’s security and consensus. As a reward, you earn the bitcoin miners transfer as part of Proof-of-Transfer.
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STX Mining
Mining STX is unique compared to mining you may have done on Bitcoin or other networks. No special hardware is needed. → Docs → Calculator (unofficial)
Own your share of the future internet
Stacks is building a user-owned internet. We believe in a future where the ownership rights you enjoy in the physical world extend to the digital world—an internet where everyone can participate in value creation.
Over 300,000 STX Holders support the network
Holders include prominent VCs and investors, as well as retail investors and everyday crypto traders.
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Case studies
Hundreds of independent teams building apps
Code and compliance as competitive advantage
Protocol based ownership
Proof of Transfer (PoX) is a proposed novel consensus algorithm that is designed for long term security and benefits the STX holding community.
Hundreds of apps with real utility
Blockstack apps include business and social applications that are live and gaining traction.
Proof in the code
Blockstack is in production with developer tools to complement the blockchain. View on GitHub.
Leading experts in scalable computing
Blockstack has been researched, built, and tested by leaders in the field including PhD's from NYU, MIT, and Princeton.
Our developer tools are open-source and Blockstack PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation purpose built to pursue user ownership of the internet.